15 Nail Disorders with Pictures

Your nails can tell a lot about your health. For example, those who have white specks in their nails or nails that are uneven could find that they have some sort of disease. The nails are often used as a main clue to what your overall health is, as any issues that a person may have with their liver, heart or lungs can show up on their nails. In this article, you will find out the 15 most common nail disorders that you definitely should pay attention to.

15 Nail Disorders You Should Not Ignore

The following 15 nail disorders are not in particular order, but each of them incicate what's going on with your health, so you really should pay attetion to these nail disorders. Here are them with pictures.

1. White Spots on Nails

This could one of the most common nail disorders that bother a large number of people everyday. White spots on the nails usually happen to everyone, but they can signify some problems. The most common problem is that there has been damage to the nail. Other people will find that this can symbolize they have a zinc, calcium, iron or protein deficiency.

2. Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail often shows up when a person is cutting his/her nails too short. However, these do occur when there has been trauma to the foot that results in the nail being smashed further back into the skin. Many times this results from your tight shoes, forcing your nails to grow inward.

3. Beau’s Lines

These lines often occur after dealing with an illness. They are especially dominant when a person has been receiving cancer treatment.These are also signs of your body not getting enough nutrition. These can also happen if the person has a damaged nail.

4. Green Nails

Green nails are the result of a pseudomonal infection, which is usually caused by the environment. Thus, those who have an already low immune system are very susceptible to this type of nail infection which makethe nail often appears green in color.

5. Bluish Nails

This one of the nail disorders that should you should stay alert to. Bluish nails appear to have a bluish tint. Most commonly, blue nails are the result of not getting enough oxygen. However, this can also be a side effect of taking anti-malaria drugs.

6. Black Nails

Some people who have black nails appear to have a black tint in their nails, while others may see black streaks in their nails. In most cases, this shows a deficiency of B12. However, there are times when this could signal melanoma.

7. Pale Nails

Pale nails are often much fainter than regular nails. Those who have this issue often have anemiaor have other nutrition issues. In some cases, this can also signal liver disease, so you should seek medical help when you spot this nail disorder.

8. White Nail (Leukonychia)

White nail means you have nails that are mostly white and with darker rims. In these cases, the person may have a fungal infection that can easily be treated. In small cases, this can symbolize a liver issue such as hepatitis.

9. Yellow Nail

With this, the nails appear more yellow than white and are often very thick. The most common cause of this is a fungal infection. Moreover, the nails may become more thick and yellow as one ages. Yellow nails, though only in rare cases, can also indicate more serious conditions such as severe thyroid disease, diabetes or lung disease.

10. Cracked or Split Nail

Cracked or split nail is one of the common yet disease related nail disorders. In many cases, dry, frangible nails that constantly crack or split are due to thyroid disease. If the nails are splitting or cracking and with yellowish hues, this is mostly owning to a fungal infection.

11. Gnawed Nails

Gnawed nails are often signs that a person chews or picks at their nails. This is often associated with an anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. If it’s hard for you to stop, you should consult a doctor for treatments.

12. Nail Ridges

Nail ridges can either be horizontal or vertical. With vertical nail ridges, this can signify nutrition issues, moisture loss or nutritional absorption issues within the body. Horizontal ridges in the nail are often associated with diabetes, liver diseases or other chronic diseases. Either type of ridges can also be caused by damage to the nails.

13. Spoon Nails (Koilonychia)

This nail issue is categorized by spoon shaped nails that are so prominent that liquid can be held in the nail. This is a signal of iron deficiency anemia. Also, this could be a sign of hemochromatosis, a liver condition, in which your body is absorbing too much iron. In other cases, this may be related to heart disease or hypothyroidism.

14. Nail Pitting or Rippled nails

This is another one of the common yet disease related nail disorders. Nail pitting is when there are little depressions in the nail. Those who have this often have psoriasis. There are other conditions that can lead to this, such as autoimmune disorder or connective tissue issues.

15. Nail Clubbing

Nail clubbing could occur when your fingertips enlarge and your nails curve around the tips. Those who have this often have low oxygen in their blood or have some sort of lung disorder. This is also associated with inflammatory bowel disease and immune diseases.