How to Clean Your System of Weed

How to clean your system of weed? This is the problem that bugs people who will have a pre-employment test. Failing the test could cost you the job. Refraining from smoking or ingesting marijuana is the first and easiest way to clear weed from your system. However, there are other easier methods that come in handy especially if it’s too late to quit smoking. Learn how to clean your system of weed so that you can pass the test and also bear in mind others things you should know when cleaning weed out of your body.

How to Clean Your System of Weed

Many times, weed takes longer than a week to completely get off your system. All in all, there are few steps that can be taken to speed up the process and ensure that your random test result has no traces of weed in your system.

1. Try the Dilution Method

This simply means diluting your urine so you can lower the levels of metabolites in your urine to successfully pass the test.

In order for the test to be a success, you have to start three days earlier before the test day, and the work lasts till the time of the test.


What You Should Do

Three days before Test

  • Creatine. You can dilute your urine by taking a lot of red meat as well as creatine in form of supplements or vitamins. Failure to take creatine means you will fail the test. This is because the test checks for creatine metabolite that shows your urine is not diluted and hence making you pass the test.
  • Water. Still, while taking creatine supplements, it is important to note that taking a lot of water is also essential. This helps in getting rid of toxins and other foreign substances from the body.

An hour or two before test

Take about 50 to 100mg of B12, B2 complex to add color to your urine. Also, drink a total of a quart or liter of water at 15 minutes intervals. It is also advisable to urinate at least once before the test.

During test

When urinating for the sample. You should also ensure that you take your urine midstream when giving the sample. In other words, first pee in the toilet then in the collection cup. This gives you a better chance of having lower concentration of metabolites.

2. Sweat the THC out

Sweating the THC is important. This is because the THC stored in your fat can be excreted through sweat and the best way to do so is in a sauna. The heat from a sauna has the ability to dilate the blood capillaries and vessels helping the blood to reach the fat tissues and bring out the THC from your system.

  • It is advisable that you get two sauna sessions, one in the evening and the other on the morning of the test just to be sure your results are clean.
  • You should also make sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and overheating while in the sauna.

3. Resort to Marijuana Detox Program

You can purchase a detox kit intended to clean marijuana related toxins from your blood, urine as well as hair. The manufacturers claim you can use these kits hours before the test and stand a chance to test negative for weed. The ingredients could be a combination of minerals, vitamins herbal cleansers and a mixture of caffeine and water.

4. Avoid Fatty Foods and Exercise to Burn Fat

Due to the fact that THC is stored in fat cells means that you should avoid fatty foods. This is because fatty foods take longer to digest, and hence are likely to increase your chances of testing positive as THC is stored in them.

Try to do aerobic exercises such as swimming, biking and jogging to burn your fat, thus eliminating weed residue from fats in your body.

What Should You Know Before Cleaning?

1. Calculate the Detectable Time

This is important. The period THC can be detected in your system depends on your lifestyle and health factors, which need consideration. This includes metabolism, frequency of usage, body weight, potency and exercise lifestyle.

2. Get to Know Whether You’ll Be Tested

Depending on what your line of career is, you can estimate the likelihood of getting a drug test.

For instance, hospitality and restaurant are considered safe from drug testing. However, if your soon-to-be employer is the government or has a private financial backing, definitely expect that at some point in your working tenure you will get a drug test. Therefore, you are likely to be a candidate for drug testing.

3. Understand Different Drug Tests

There are several ways through which you can test for THC. These methods vary in terms of convenience, accuracy and cost. Some of the methods are as follows:

  • Drug screening-this is a cheap drug testing method whose detection has a short term timeline and hence common in most companies. This means it only detects THC that has been in your system a few hours back.
  • Saliva test- this is also common among many employers as they can easily administer it, especially for random tests.
  • Urine test- this test does not detect THC in the body, rather, it looks for marijuana metabolites that are produced after using marijuana. However, urine tests are instant and this makes the test more favorable to employers.
  • Hair follicle- this is one of the most expensive drug testing method. For this reason, it is only used in the very high sensitive jobs that require special clearance such as casinos. This test can show results for up to 6 months ago because it has a higher detection timeline.