Stool Becomes Dark Brown, Is It Normal?

Among the many things your doctor checks for during routine examinations or during diagnosis of problematic conditions, you might hear him or her ask about your stool. They might ask about the color, size, softness and more. What color is normal for stool?

Is Dark Brown Stool Normal?

Most stools is rather brown in color. The question becomes what color it is, and what that might mean. Almost all stools are light tan to medium shades of brown. However, it might be green, depending upon what you have eaten, or it might be a pale yellow color. Many things can affect the color, and some of them are medical conditions, but some are just our lifestyle or diet habits.

In most cases, the dark brown stool is caused by natural things. For instance, if your diet changes to include more red meat, you will likely see a darker brown. But if you eat a great deal of berries, like blueberries or blackberries, you might have stool that is almost black.

Other things to look out for are a stool color or consistency that changes abruptly or last for a long time. A very dark brown stool that lasts a long time or keeps getting darker might indicate an ulcer in your stomach or intestines. Some supplements can also affect your stool, such as iron. If you do have blood in your stool, you will need to have tests to rule out the cause. If you think that you might have blood in your stool, please see a doctor immediately. Only a physician can make the diagnosis and run the tests necessary to get to the bottom of the problem.