Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure

There are numerous home remedies that are sometimes effective in raising the blood pressure in persons with low blood pressure (BP below 90/60 mm of Hg). An important caveat is that home remedies should only be tried after proper medical evaluation as not all low blood pressures are alike. Usually, low blood pressure itself is not the disease, but it is a manifestation of some other primary cause. Some of the causes can be pretty serious and require proper medical or surgical treatment.

Moreover, trying home remedies in certain cases of low blood pressure can worsen the condition. Heart Failure is associated with low blood pressure and increased salt and water intake by a person with failing heart may rapidly worsen his symptoms. Therefore, home remedies should only be tried after physician’s approval. The various home remedies for low blood pressure are listed below:

  • Increase Salt Intake
  • Increase Water Intake
  • Mild Exercises
  • Multiple small meals instead of 3 big meals
  • Slow rising from lying down or sitting positions
  • Coffee
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Avoid prolonged hot water showers or spas
  • Avoid strains (heavy weight lifting, straining in the toilet)
  • Compression Stockings

Increased salt and water intake is often helpful in raising the blood pressure in people with hypotension, especially if the low blood pressure is caused by dehydration. Even in hypotension due to other causes, increased salt and water intake can raise the blood pressure. Mild exercises have been shown to raise the blood pressure in people with low blood pressure. Strenuous exercises should be avoided as it can further lower the blood pressure.

Taking multiple small meals instead of the usual three large meals prevents the postprandial fall of the blood pressure. After meals, more blood is diverted to the gastrointestinal tract from the other circulations. This may cause inadequate perfusion of other vital organs like heart and brain, and hence the symptoms. With smaller meals, relatively lesser blood is diverted to the digestive system.

Compression stocking and a slow rise from the sitting or lying down positions are recommended for postural hypotension. Few other measures are also listed, e.g. cutting down on alcohol, avoiding strenuous tasks, avoiding prolonged hot-water baths, drinking coffee, etc. Drinking coffee as a means of raising the blood pressure should preferably be avoided.

The effectiveness of each of the above measures would vary from person to person, and may in part be related to exact cause of the under lying low blood pressure. For e.g. in low blood pressure due to dehydration, increased salt and water intake would drastically improve the blood pressure and may quickly return it to the normal range. Similarly, in persons with postural hypotension, compression stockings and slow rise from the sitting position might be the most effective interventions.

There are numerous other remedies promoted for low blood pressure, but their effectiveness is not yet confirmed. Some of these are chewing overnight soaked raisins in the morning, drinking almond milk in the morning, drinking carrot juice, beetroot juice, or pomegranate juice in the morning, taking hot Epsom bath, eating dark chocolate and uncooked cottage cheese, etc.