Celebrex Side Effects

Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces hormones to cut down on pain exhibited throughout the body. The key uses for this drug include arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and menstrual pain. In some circumstances it has been used to treat hereditary polyps in the colon. Celebrex can also be prescribed to aid in temporary pain relief after surgery, tooth extractions, or sprains. In this case, a limited dose will be given and the patient will be expected to step down to other pain medications once the swelling is no longer severe.


The length and dosage of Celebrex will vary depending on the size and age of the individual as well as the injury or disease being treated. In most cases, the prescription will be taken twice a day in a set amount. Celebrex can be taken with or without food, though you may need to drink water to help ingest the pills. You should not double up doses to make up for a missed one, or take more than the prescribed amount. This can lead to overdosing and other serious conditions. Celebrex should not be disposed of in a household trash. Your pharmacist can give you advice regarding how to properly dispose of leftover pills.

Common Side Effects of Celebrex

At least 1% of patients using Celebrex reported some instances of digestive distress. This includes gas, diarrhea, abdominal pain, heartburn, or nausea. These effects were often mild and temporary, easing over time as the body became more accustomed to the medication. Talk with your doctor about possible ways to relieve this distress while your body continues to adjust to Celebrex.

Similar numbers were reported for those suffering from sinus pain or runny nose. In some cases, these symptoms were accompanied by a sore throat and ringing in the ears caused by the increased sinus sensitivity. Due to potential adverse interactions, you should not take any additional medication to treat these symptoms. If they are severe enough to interfere with your ability to function, consult with your doctor.

One in 100 patients reported headaches, drowsiness, and a sensitivity to sunlight while on Celebrex. This may be in part due to the hormonal impact that the drug has on the body. These symptoms also appeared to lessen over time while the body became more used to the medication. If they do not ease up in a few days or if they become extremely troublesome, contact your doctor for advice on managing these side effects.

Uncommon and Rare Side Effects of Celebrex

Many Celebrex side effects relate to heart issues. These may include fast heartbeat, high blood pressure or signs of bleeding. You may also notice signs of liver damage including dark urine or the yellowing of the skin or eyes. Some patients also reported hearing changes or depression while on Celebrex. Previous medical conditions may increase the risk of these symptoms occurring. While all of these conditions are quite rare, they are signs of a serious reaction to the medication. Contact your doctor as soon as possible to get advice on how to proceed.

Very serious Celebrex side effects include blurred vision, bladder pain, bleeding from the rectum or blood in urine, skin reactions, or signs of stroke or heart attack. If you notice any of these conditions, or you begin to feel severe abdominal pain, seek medical attention immediately. This should include contacting emergency services if you are having coronary distress or trouble breathing. Should any of these events occur or if you find yourself at risk for one of these events, stop using Celebrex immediately and talk to your doctor about other interventional methods.

Side Effects in Children, Pregnant Women and Seniors

Celebrex should not be prescribed to children. In most cases, the dosing is too large for a developing body to manage. Children are also typically advised to avoid pain killers. Similarly, Celebrex is shown to be a serious risk for pregnant women. The FDA has recently upgraded the drug to a D, meaning that reduced fetal survival was shown in clinical trials. Use extreme caution when taking this drug during pregnancy and avoid it all together during the third trimester. Women should also avoid using Celebrex while they are nursing

There are no specific warnings for seniors using Celebrex. However, because Celebrex may have adverse interactions with other medications, it is vital that patients discuss the risks carefully with their doctors before taking it. Those with conditions such as heart disease should also talk with their doctor about the potential risks involved with taking this medication.

Interactions with Other Medications and Substances

You should not drink alcohol while on Celebrex. This significantly increases the chance of stomach bleeding. Celebrex should also be avoided by patients who have just undergone heart surgery, especially a bypass. This can lead to circulation problems, heart attack, or stroke, particularly with extended use.

Celebrex should not be combined with pain medications, or cold and allergy remedies. Other pain killers including aspirin, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, or naproxen should also be avoided. It should be noted that celecoxib and other similar medications are included in similar combination prescriptions. These cannot be combined due to the risk of overdose. Inform your doctor about any other medications you are taking to avoid these risks.