How to Stop Burping

Burping specifically refers to the voluntary or involuntary expulsion of air from the stomach, through the esophagus and mouth. It is quite common to burp 3-4 times after eating. You may burp because you have swallowed air during eating but medical conditions like gallbladder issues, ulcers or nervous habits can also make you burp more frequently. This can be embarrassing, but it is not usually a sign that something is wrong with your health. In many cases, changing your diet can help put an end to excessive burping.

How to Stop Burping

1. Try Herbs and Certain Foods





Sipping ginger tea made form a teaspoon of fresh ginger steeped in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes can help you digest more thoroughly after a meal.

You can also make ginger remedy by mixing a teaspoon of ginger pulp with a teaspoon of lime juice and swallow this right after eating.

Lemon Juice


Mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice, a half teaspoon baking soda and a cup of cold water will create a tonic that is ideal for helping you avoid excess gas after meals.



Papaya is high in papain enzymes that will break down items that will cause you to burp and feel bloated.



Consume yogurt that has the live probiotic cultures intact. These will help you digest your food more thoroughly so you don’t bloat.



Consuming caraway seeds on their own or in a salad will calm down your digestive tract.



Combining and roasting equal parts celery seeds, fennel and cumin and chewing half to a full teaspoon of this mixture followed by 1/3 cup of water will help you avoid burping.



Creating a tea by steeping a teaspoon of peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water will provide you with a soothing beverage that will remove excess air from your system.



It’s common to have muscle spasms within the stomach from burping or blenching. Cardamom is very helpful in reducing the muscle spasms, controlling excess burping and producing more digest juices which reduces the likelihood that food will rot and generate gas in the digestive tract.

Add 1 tsp. of cardamom to 8 oz. cup of tea. Boil the mixture for ten minutes. It’s best to drink when hot.

2. Take Digestive Enzymes


You can take digestive enzyme supplements to get rid of excessive burping or blenching. These supplements will add to your natural digestive enzymes that the body needs. Choose right supplements that contain following ingredients: pancreatin and protease for digesting protein, lipase for fat, amylase for starches, lactose for milk sugar, cellulase for vegetable fibers, sucrose and maltase for additional sugars. Take these supplements before each meal and take them as prescribed. It’s safe to take them indefinitely.

If you cannot seem to get your burping under control, visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms. They can help you determine the root cause of your discomfort and prescribe a diet or medication that can help you stop frequent burping.

How to Prevent Burping

1. Avoid Gas-producing Foods

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Eating foods that cause gas like lentils, baked beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, lettuce, chocolate and fruits including peaches, apples, and pears may produce gas during digestion that could case bloating, burping and flatulence.

  • You will also need to avoid certain foods that have high air content such as soufflés, mousses and whipped cream.
  • You will also need to give up carbonated beverages that contain air which will get into your stomach, create gas and cause you to burp later. The more air you ingest, the more air you will eventually need to expel.
  • If you suspect that certain foods like beans are causing you to burp, make a point of soaking dry beans overnight to eliminate the excess sugar that can cause you to bloat and burp.
  • If you notice that foods like diary make you burp you will need to talk to your doctor about potential lactose intolerance.

2. Don’t Swallow Air


Some actions like drinking through a straw, smoking, using other tobacco products or chewing gum and eating hard candy can cause you to swallow air.

  • Chew with the mouth closed and avoid talking while you eat because when your mouth is open you are more likely to swallow air with the food.
  • Chew all of your food completely before you swallow.
  • Some people gulp when they are nervous and don’t realize it. Have someone watch you when you are nervous to make sure you don’t do this.
  • Avoid consuming foods that are very different in temperature back to back that can cause a sudden change in body temperature as this can bring air into the stomach.
  • Those that wear dentures should make sure they fit to prevent bringing excess air into the mouth as well.

3. Log What You Eat


  • If you suspect that certain foods in your diet are causing you to burp, make a point of writing down what you eat every day and when burping symptoms occur so you can narrow down what is causing the problem.
  • Once you have found foods that seem to be the trigger, limit your intake of them to minimize burping.
  • You can talk to a dietician or your doctor about how to eat a balanced diet that will help you avoid negative symptoms.

4. Avoid Overeating


Consuming large meals can cause you to bloat. Instead of eating the standard three meals a day, stick to 6 smaller meals.

5. Avoid Constipation and Laxatives


Constipation will commonly cause pockets of air to get stuck in the intestines. Eat a diet that is high in fiber and consume plenty of water to help ensure that your bowels can pass easily. Try to avoid overusing laxatives, however, as this can make your problem worse. Your doctor can help you find products or foods that can make it easier for you to avoid constipation without causing excess burping.

6. Use Anti-gas Products


There are many products available over the counter to minimize intestinal gas.

  • Beano can help your body break down the types of sugars that tend to cause your system to bloat.
  • Those that are lactose intolerant can consume enzyme supplements such as LactAid to help them break down these sugars to minimize symptoms.

7. Be Wary of Heartburn


If you get heartburn regularly this can be a sign that you have poor eating habits that are also causing you to burp. Cut down on big portions before bed that stretch your stomach and push stomach acid and gas up into your esophagus. Also avoid foods that are very fatty or acidic that can make heartburn and burping worse.

8. Steam Vegetables


Steaming vegetables rather than boiling them will help to keep their natural enzymes intact to help you digest these products.

9. Wear Loose Clothing


If you are wearing clothing that is tight around the waist it can put pressure on the intestines and push air back up into the stomach or esophagus.